Remember poetry lovers that in 2016 our SLAM will  start at 8pm on every 1st and 3rd Friday with our dynamic open-mic at 8pm on every 2nd and 4th  Friday. Got it?

BUT WAIT! There's more...

Every 4th Friday will also be a special themed event (We keep it FRESH!) and every 5th Friday will be a PLAY DATE so bring a board game or just join in the fun as we play SPADES, DOMINOES, and whatever else comes to mind.

The Dallas Poetry Slam is the oldest, most recognized, and respected poetry slam / open mic in the state of Texas. 

There is a slam or open mic EVERY FRIDAY!

Regular Slams and/or Open Mics are $5 (free with Dallas Slam T-Shirt).

Special Slams and/or Events are $10 (see events page for dates).

Established 1994