The newest open mic in Dallas is back. Come wine down on Tuesday, August 22nd Dallas Slam invites everyone to donate bras and feminine hygiene products which Dallas Slam will package and send to Support the Girls Campaign.

Support the Girls will be this month's theme. We are inviting everyone to read or perform a poem or song to honor the women in our lives and/or in our community. Come out and enjoy!

August 18th, 2017

august 25nd, 2017


august 22nd, 2017

End the month off with our infamous open mic! Come first timer, come veteran! All are welcome on the Dallas Slam stage. Come perform or enjoy!

If you have THREE (3) qualifiers, you can compete to represent Dallas in this year's Individual World Poetry Slam. This will be a great night for poetry.

An open-mic of epic proportions. A space where you're allowed to be YOU - funky freaky and free.
A WIDE Open-Mic with some special spatial spacial guest.

August 11th, 2017