This is not just a slam.

It's the LAST slam you will ever have to get qualifiers for this slam season!

Which means everyone will be coming to compete. Join them all or just come enjoy the show!

Immediately after WOWPs, Dallas Slam is not only back BUT... we will also be choosing THE NEW SLAM TEAM FOR 2018!

Who will present Dallas at this year's national poetry slam? Come find out. Only poets with FIVE qualifiers can compete. Click HERE to see who has qualifiers.


MARCH 14Th, 2018


march 9th, 2018


march 27th, 2018

By March 17th, poets from all over the world will have taken over Deep Ellum in an effort to win The Women of the World Poetry Slam. On March 17th, one poet will be deemed the winner.

The Majestic Theater is a legendary Dallas landmark. WOWPs packed the house at the same theater last year and should only be bigger and better.

Click HERE for tickets.


march 8th, 2018

Our newest open mic is back and still free as ever!

This month we feature singer / songwriter NUWAMBA and poet JAVON RUSTIN.

WOWPs will officially be starting with the LAST CHANCE SLAM. Come see the kick off of one of the largest poetry slams in the world!


march 2nd, 2018

The GNO Show is back. And this night GNO stands for Girls Night Out. GNO will only be allowing female-identified voices on the microphone! Come out for great show.



march 17th, 2018


march 23rd, 2018

So... You may have noticed Dallas Slam skipped a Friday... which almost NEVER happens.

Well there's a good reason for that. 

We were busy watching one of the largest poetry slams in the world take place in DEEP ELLUM. 

DFW Unplugged is back and somewhat free as ever....?

Well, still free. No money needed. HOWEVER.

We donate to a non-profit organization every month. 


(March donations item list coming soon)